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Given they’re just toys, Nerf’s blasters aren’t really known for accuracy. The best approach has always been to just send as many darts as possible at your target to improve your chances of hitting it. But with Nerf’s new Accustrike line, precision, patience, and aiming are finally the better approach.

So what makes the Accustrike blasters—arriving sometime in the Spring of 2017—more accurate? It’s actually the Accustrike darts that are the secret to the improved precision.

Nerf’s designers spent over two years on the new design, which features better balance and weight distribution, but also a radically redesigned tip for improved airflow and aerodynamics. You’ll still need to carefully line up your target through your blaster’s sights, but the new Accustrike darts now fly through the air with better stability, which means they’re less likely to drift off course and miss your target. They also work with any blaster that’s compatible with the brand’s Elite darts, but Nerf is also introducing four new blasters under the Accustrike branding.


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